Energy Efficient Home Ideas: The Biggest Losers

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There are countless ways to live a greener life. The environmental impact of greener buildings can’t be ignored, nor should they be, should you choose to reduce your carbon footprint and save money along the way. Upgrading windows and doors in homes and businesses is among the best in energy efficient home ideas, as they can be responsible for as much energy loss as every other factor combined.

Energy Star

By now, most people have noticed the Energy Star labels on hundreds of products ranging from toasters to vacuum cleaners. The seal immediately identifies the most energy efficient products available and helps consumers make a more informed choice about the companies and products they support. Many people, however, are unaware that Energy Star compliance can also be attained for windows and doors.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Less energy efficient windows and doors are typically made with a box-to-box modular type of construction. While convenient and inexpensive, this type of joint creates a poor seal, which even gaskets and silicon caulking can’t totally fix. The windows and doors that form the best seal are those made with V-Weld technology. This type of joint prevents water and air leaks far better than its modular cousin and can therefore dramatically cut costs associated with heating and cooling while protecting the environment.
Anyone looking for energy efficient home ideas would be wise to consider the use of Energy Star compliant V-Weld windows and doors. In most homes and businesses, they’ll be the biggest energy savers and will lead to the biggest reduction in carbon footprints as well as power bills.

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